ACAA Members

Catherine Alltucker
Terry/Glade, Richard Artesi
Jan Atwood-Ramey, Rob Ramey
Donna Bohlin
Sheila Bonito
Schatzi Brimer
Diane Brodie
Lynne Brumit
Aaron & Sharolyn Bullock
Janet Caccia
Sandra Campbell
Margo Carr
Nancy Chapman
Carol Clark
Margaret Crain
Karen Crane
Jean Louise Dahl
Judy Day
George Dillon
Sarah Dixon
Melissa Doyel
Cynthia Dunn-Selph
Sharon Galligan
Janice Gillman
Richard Glade
Jim Glanton
Lois Herrick
Jeff Hipp
Nancy Horst-Jones
Judy Jackson
Jeri Killian
Jo Ann Kopp
George Lambert
Christie Lane
Evelyn Lara-Lowe
David Lindquist
Sheri Mello
Dorothy Magoffin
Marie Martz-Mort
Fran McKinney
Ree, McLaughlin-Brown
Sheri Mello
Caroline Odell
Maureen Olive
Anje Olmstead
Kitty Olney
Donna Plant
Rob Ramey
Anne-Marie Reber
Judy Regnier
Margaret Roberts
Wendy Rogers
Emilie (Em) Rojas
Shari L. Schreiber 
Dave & Leslie Schupp
Claudia Schwalm
Lynn Slade
Ted Smith
Kathy Souza
Charles Spinetta Winery & Wildlife Art Gallery
Curtis Stromme & Judy Yep
Sutter Creek Gallery
Carolyn Swan
Julie Trail
Sabina Turner
Rita Veideman
Sandra L. Wagner
Wendy Ward
David West
Colleen Williams
Laurie Williams
Catherine Woodruff

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"Old Stone Wall" by Julie Trail
Photograph by Dave & Leslie Schupp
Watercolor by Judy Day
"Autumn's Perfume" - Howard Rees
"Girl Portrait" by Donna Plant
"Chianti Country" by George Dillon
Photography by Al Herrick
Silk painting by Laureen Shimmon
Painting by Margaret Soegaard
"Ray Yajima" by Sabina Turner
"All Aflutter" by Lynn Slade
Face Painting by Leslie Vasquez
Painting by Emilie (Em) Rojas
Below is a list of local galleries and venues where our artists' works may be on display.

Chaos Glassworks
Gallery 10
Charles Spinetta Winery
Sutter Creek Gallery
Painting by Alice Friederichs
Photography by Dave & Leslie Schupp
Painting by Carole Norman
Painting by Margaret Soegaard
Painting by Ted Smith
Painting by William Porteous
"Produce Man" - Howard Rees
Painting by Lois Herrick
Painting by Leslie Vasquez
Bust by William Porteous
Painting by Anne Marie Fielding
Painting by Judy Day
Fabric Flowers by Shari Schreiber
Photography by Al Herrick
Painting by Emilie (Em) Rojas
"Paris Flower Stand" by Sharon Galligan
"Dressing Up" by Annie Hughes